Kids Say the Darndest things
Wonderful World
Nascar Tribute
Unchained Melody
You Lie
Can't Help Fallin in Love
Have You Ever
Romor Has It
Your Cheatin Heart
Margo Anderson,sings
some of her favorite songs
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Til You Love Me
I hope everyone enjoys my NASCAR
TRIBUTE which I wrote after the tragic
death of Adam Petty.  I was deeply
saddened because my husband , Lee
Anderson, is a member of the Phoenix
Racing team based in Spartanburg, S.C.  
Coming soon to my website are
photographs as I sang at several
NASCAR tracks with drivers and crew
members from my husband's 20 years in
racing; I plan to use many of them in the
CD cover of "NASCAR TRIBUTE"  .  
Car # 51 Phoenix Racing                    
Country Time Lemonade
I have been honored to meet and speak with many of the NASCAR legends
as my husband Lee and I have traveled to nationally televised races and I
have sung the National Anthem.  After the tragic death of Adam Petty at the
Louden, New Hampshire race, I spoke with Kyle Petty who graciously
allowed me to dedicate the National Anthem at the Indianpolis Busch Grand
National race to his son, Adam.
The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down
James Finch owner of Phoenix