"Tribute to Patsy Cline and the
Honky-Tonk Angels"

Margo Anderson's "Tribute to Patsy Cline and the
Honky-Tonk Angels" is a show which combines the wit and
sentimentality of a heart-warming narration of the life of
one of the world's most beloved singers with the strong,
clear notes of Anderson's voice, which brings the
beautiful ballads of Patsy Cline to life.

Act One of the show tells the story of Patsy's climb to
fame; from the bars and clubs of Virginia and Washington
D.C., to her appearance on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Search,
her travels with johnny and June Cash, and the turbulent
years with Charlie Dick, Margo Anderson portrays the life
of Patsy with six costume changes, depicting the changes
in the singer's style and appearance as she climbed the
charts and won the hearts of fans from every walk of life.

Act Two begins with Margo as Loretta Lynn, as Loretta
picks up the pieces after Patsy's untimely death;
Anderson's believable portrayal of the Coal Miner's
daughter is followed by beautiful costume changes which
then take the audience through the highs and lows of the
careers of singers Tammy Wynette, and Reba McEntire.

Although she takes on the personality of many of the
famous women of the Grand Ole Opry through costume
changes, humorous commentary, and sometimes
hauntingly melancholy renditions of some of country
music's biggest hits, Margo definitely has her own sound
which holds audiences captivated--her show has been
performed in civic auditoriums which seat over 5,000, in
small, private clubs, church banquet halls, fairgrounds,
and high school gymnasiums.

The performance is a toe-tapping concert or dance/dinner
show which leaves audiences laughing, crying, and
dancing to the hit songs of these beloved ladies of
country music---don't miss it!